Why Do Few Homes Have Central Heating in Britain? Or, Is That a Complete Lie?

That travel guide is wrong, as so many travel guides are about so many things. Being British I've never heard of forced air ventilation, but central heating by means of storage heaters or hot water radiators is almost universal in the UK. It works well for us as houses are generally so much smaller. Older homes were of course only built with fireplaces but almost all have been converted to a hot water radiator system fed from a central boiler. When I was younger we had a coal fire at home in the fireplace, later converted to a gas fire with a boiler behind it that fed the central heating system. You will also find in most British houses an immersion heater to heat hot water in one of the bedroom cupboards, known as the airing cupboard and a useful place for the final drying off of laundered clothes as it's relatively warm in there. Now I live in a recently built flat, I have an airing cupboard and electric storage heating as gas is now deemed to be dangerous in a block of flats. The one thing you definitely wo not find in British homes to any great extent is air conditioning. The climate being mild and temperate just about the whole year round, thanks to us being an island (sea all around us does a lot to moderate the climate) on the same latitude as the south of Canada, it would just be pointless.

Why Do Few Homes Have Central Heating in Britain? Or, Is That a Complete Lie? 1

1. For the sake of argument: Which country/countries besides Iraq & Afghanistan would you have the US attack?Why.

well it is going to have to be the continent of antartica as the poles melt antartica maybe the only place left to snow ski and i would not want to have to exchange american dolars for some forign currency. We need to secure it soon and devide the land up amongthe poor people in the U>S>A> claim your section of antartica today for the future of your family gold silver dimonds all for the taking as soon as it melts and there is lots of oil under that ice. plus it would be easy to take over just a few scientists who would surrender and help you get at the rich mineral deposits if you offered to share it with them . maybe canada too as the earth warms canada would still be cool in the summers only 85- 90 degrees good weather if you ask me and canada would put up a fight but we would be close to home and could visit our families on weekends and go right back to fighting on monday morning we need to think north and south pole regions.

2. Can a palm tree survive on Long Island,NY?

Your choices are very limited. Your best bet is to go with the Chinese windmill palm (Trachycarpus Fortunei). These are very cold hardy palms, and have been known to take temperatures down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. I know of one person on long island that has one on long island in the ground now. You may also want to check out some of the cold hardy palm forums, such as the international palm society website, and other various cold hardy palm forums. There are a lot of palm growers that like to push their zone and expiriment. Some others that should grow in your area include the Sabal Minor, and the Needle Palm. Both hardy to below 0F. The cold hardiest feather palm is the Butia Capitata, hardy to around 10F. The first one I would try would be the Windmill Palm. It should survive on LI unless you had an extremely cold winter. It is hardy to USDA zone 7 (which Long Island is). It gets about 30 feet tall, and has a nice compact crown of green fronds. These palms are being grown as far north as Seattle Washington, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Why Do Few Homes Have Central Heating in Britain? Or, Is That a Complete Lie? 2

3. What does copy release mean?

The images shot by the photographer are owned by the photographer. They hold the copyright to those images, meaning they are the only ones who can use them, print them, sell them, etc. This is universal copyright law around the world (except Canada, which appears to dislike photographers!) A copyright release is provided to allow you the rights to make prints of the images, or other actions (such as posting online, sharing with family etc) specified within the release. Without this, you would have a disc of images, but no legal rights to ever do anything with them. The photographer will still own the copyright, but the release will outline rights specifically given to you by the photographer.

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