Who Pays for the Hair Cut for Locks of Love

You do. you pay for the actual hair cut, and if the hair you cut off is long enough (im not sure how long) then you can donate it to the foundation, locks of love.

Who Pays for the Hair Cut for Locks of Love 1

I need a real cute hair cut?

srry, i need a pic. :(

i NEED a new hair cut!! (pics) =]?

okai this has nout to do with the hair but ur joining the navy i want to join the navY!!!! wat part you goin in!!!!!! was it hard to get in?!?!?!? ooo an long bob would look nice on you lol xxx mcuh love xx

Who Pays for the Hair Cut for Locks of Love 2

Keep my long hair or cut it short?

blonde and keep it long because your face shape doesnt seem to be able to look right with short darker hair. Just sayin :)

Your Opinion: Spiral Perm or Hair Cut with layers?

Get the hair cut & layers! it looks great and it cheap.! =] Also if your still sick of staight just try getting a partial perm. There cheap and work good for boring hair! Get just some basic curls tho. .. spirals are tooo much!.

how to make with a bad hair cut?

it will look bad in the beginning, but after a day or two, it will start to grow naturally and it will look good. If you want to make it better - try putting some accessories you like on it

I want a drastic hair cut but I need help!?

if you love what you see when you look in the mirror, take the plunge you will live thru it either way. ya never have the taste until you take the first bite. things do not work out??????? wear a hat till it comes back. the messenger.

i want a new emo hair cut.?

hair extensions! blonde highlights on the bangs! always works :)

Hair cuts for tom boys?

i can not think of any at the top of my head

Hair cut gone wrong :(?

ya dont go to great clips.... it will grow, guys hair grows super fast anyways youll be fine

hair cuts?

You are precious....do not relax your hair its so unhealthy. If anything put in some face framing highlights. But I think your cute like you are!

Is it bad to get a hair cut when your pregnant?

Lol. I've never in my life heard that. Why in the world would a hair cut hurt your baby?? Of course it's fine. It's your hair. It's not even alive anymore. Wow. Wonder where in the world that myth started

Do you like my hair cut?

really cute hairstyle :)

What hair cut should I get tomorrow?

summary pls no1 has time to read school is tommaro

How should I get my hair cut??

i always love the way those mexican actresses have there hair, like eva mendes all layered and sexy

How can I fix a bad hair cut?

You can get hair extensions at "Sally's Beauty". There fun and you can get clips to clip them in or glue to glue them in until your hair grows out. I used them in a baseball hat and glued them on the hat like a wig. Because there real human hair, they look totally natural, no one even knew it was not my own hair unless I took off my hat. You can wash it, curl it, even die it if you want. Fun!

How should I get my hair cut?

do u watch disney channel? lol well ur hair would look gud if u do it like luke from corry in the house nice hair love it

New hair cut - this is the style...?

It is a very cute style! Go for it like you said if it does not work it will always grow back!

16 year old girl long hair cut?

It also depends on the type of hair. If you have straight hair I would say have it be cut and layered about two inches under your jaw line, with angles in the front, starting from where your eyes end. If it's curly, I would go for something longer. I have curly hair and I know the shorter is, the WIDER it goes. The longer curly hair is the more weight there is on the hair, therefore it wo not be quite so big. I would say a couple inches past the shoulder. Layer it for a new look, but do not layer it above the shoulders [the WIDE effect will set in]. Angles from under the chin, not above because then they will spring up to your forehead.

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