What Should I Give My Boss As a Gift?

I would go with the book stand/holder. I am sure she would love something to keep her work on. Or possibly $20 a gift card to her favorite store to buy supplies? And add a card with a hand-written note in there. That's what I would do. Hope I helped. :)

What Should I Give My Boss As a Gift? 1

1. I have tried everything, even putting dog crap down their holes, "HOW DO YOU GET RID OF GOPHERS?"?

1. MacAbee gopher traps. Macabee Gopher Trap Co. 110 Loma Alta Avenue Los Gatos, CA 95030 408-354-4158 Available in hardware and feed stores. See OSH link below. 2. Drop pieces of dry ice down their holes. CO2 is a heavier-than-air gas so it will flow through the network of holes, displacing the lighter oxygen, and suffocating the animals. (Not for the faint of heart.) Because CO2 is odorless, they wo not smell it like the smoke you had used. Check your Yellow Pages for Ice and Supplies for Dry Ice. Check link for more ideas.

2. US Civil War - why did Grant have to move troops by transport past Vicksburg? Why not just march south through Mississippi to come up behind Vicksburg?

He tried that in late 1862. His line of communications was the railroad leading from Columbus, KY south across Tennessee and down to Oxford, MS and beyond. He had 10,000 troops guarding the railroad and more guarding his main supply dump at Holly Springs, MS. Earl van Dorn led a cavalry raid to Holly Springs and destroyed his supply dump. Bedford Forrest destroyed the railroad in Tennessee so thoroughly that it was months before it could be restored. General Grant's assessment as detailed in his memoirs over twenty years later:"At the same time Forrest got on our line of railroad between Jackson, Tennessee, and Columbus, Kentucky, doing much damage to it. This cut me off from all communication with the north for more than a week, and it was more than two weeks before rations or forage could be issued from stores obtained in the regular way. This demonstrated the impossibility of maintaining so long a line of road over which to draw supplies for an army moving in an enemy's country. I determined, therefore, to abandon my campaign into the interior with Columbus as a base, and returned to La Grange and Grand Junction, destroying the road to my front and repairing the road to Memphis, making the Mississippi River the line over which to draw supplies."

What Should I Give My Boss As a Gift? 2

3. How many other countries gave aid to America after Katrina?

Quatar offered $100,000,000 Sri Lanka -- $25,000 Mexico -- 1,000,000, food medical supplies,helicopter, 2 ship, other amphibious vehicles Austrailia -- $760,000,000 China -- $500,000,000 India -- $5,000,000, food, medicine Germany -- evacuation by air, medical services, transportation services, water treatment capabilities, assistance in searching for victims, vaccination teams and supplies, and emergency shelter. Germany has also said it is ready and willing to "dip into its own emergency oil reserves" to release some 2 million barrels a day for 30 days. France -- mobile help from the French Antilles, which is relatively close to the affected regions, including a civil defense detachment of 35 people, tents, camp beds, generators, motor pumps, water treatment units and emergency kits, two CASA cargo aircraft, a ship (Batral Francis Garnier) and the frigate Ventose with its Panther helicopter, and a hurricane disaster unit (20 soldiers and 900 kg of specialized supplies and medical support).Assistance from the French mainland including: one or two C-135 planes, one A-310 aircraft , and four C-160 Transalls, an airborne emergency unit. In addition, the NGO Telecoms Sans Frontieres, which specializes in restoring phone lines and Internet service in disasters, is ready to send a team of experts and equipment. Veolia Environment, which has facilities in Louisiana, has offered to make its local water management resources available to the American authorities or the Red Cross. It can also quickly send in a team of hydraulic experts. Japan -- $200,000, and $300, 000 of food/medical supplies Cuba -- doctors/medical supples Singapore -- 3 Chinook helicopters Taiwan --$3,000,000 Canada -- Offered to help in any way it can and the navy is preparing a ship full of emergency disaster relief supplies to be sent when a request comes. Venezuela -- fuel, relief workers Germany -- mobile units to clean water, hospitals Italy -- evacuation specialists, planes, boats, generators Russia -- planes, generators, helicopters Spain -- gasoline stocks Sweden -- medical workers/supplies, water purification equipment, shelters Saudi Arabia -- $5,000,000 many, many more...totaling about $854,000,000...these were the offers, the US only accepted $40,000,000, the President sent letters of thanks to the countries, telling them he keep their offers on hand...

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