What's the Best Way to Remove Ear Wax From Your Ear?

At the drugstore you can get an ear wax removal system where you basically wash the wax out yourself. You can try a little peroxide in your ear as well. Just a few drops. You can also have your ears candled. They do this at my chiropractor's office. Essentially, they take a candle that is hollow, put one end in your ear & light the wick. It pulls all of the wax & gunk out of your ears.

What's the Best Way to Remove Ear Wax From Your Ear? 1

1. In-ear headphones hurt after a while... will I get used to it?

I am just going through this now too. I have ear buds that do not quite fit - I am pushing them in so they do not fall out and want some of the small in ear kind to try. I just got a pair of the soft outside the ear ones that clip around the ear but they do not deliver the sound unless the volume is way up, but they are comfortable. I do not think there's a perfect solution.

2. Why does my fish tank smell weird?

Any danger he would be rollng in something nasty? Or eating it? Do you think of a tub might help? Sniff his ears and breath. Ear and dental issues could make the completed canines smell undesirable. merely some ideas

What's the Best Way to Remove Ear Wax From Your Ear? 2

3. Ear piercing question. Does this happen...?

Well the piercing itself would not cause any popping, but I am guessing your ears were cleaned out with water or rubbing alcohol before they were pierced, correct? The liquid could have flowed into you ear and given you swimmers ear. You could also get swimmers ear from the shower or you may even have an ear infection (not the kind associated with piercings, but rather, a middle ear infection, the kind kids always get). Do not worry about your piercing though, it really has nothing to do with that.

4. Military Rules On Hair Color And Peircings.?

1 ball earring in ear. normal hair color

5. Ear Infection 1yr old. How many is too many? Pacifiers?

Your child sounds like a prime candidate for tubes. Both of my boys got them around 17-19 months and 1 got a second set at around 3 1/2. I think the rule is 6 or more infections in a year. Meaning infections that have cleared up, not the ones that need more than 1 round of antibiotics. I know you are very concerned about the thought of surgery, but it honestly is a very simple procedure. In fact, you wo not finish a cup of coffee and it will be over. What helped me with the decision is my preference of using ear drop antibiotics that treat the infection at the site, versus an oral antibiotic that goes through the entire system. My older son had a mild speech delay that has been attributed to the infections and then chronic fluid without infections present. Now that he has a second set of tubes in place, I have noticed major improvements in his articulation. Boys are more likely to get ear infections than girls. It's about anatomy. His Eustacian tubes must be horizontal and as he grows, they will become more vertical and allow gravity to help drain the fluid naturally. One nice thing about having tubes is you know exactly when they have an infection because the fluid drains into the part of the ear you can see and usually leaves a puddle on their sheet. You keep the drops at home and do not have to keep going to the doctor with each infection. Giving ear drops is not exactly a joy at my house, but they kind of get used to it. The tubes were much more effective with my younger son than my older one and I do not know why. My older one continued to get infections with his first set of tubes with about 1/2 of the frequency, but rarely gets them now. I suspect he has some type of allergy but have not investigated it (with my luck it's dust...tough battle to win). My younger son has only had a few infections in the 1 1/4 years since he's had the tubes. I do not think he has allergies. Incidentally, both kids were fine once they had a nap after surgery. No big deal. By the way, I read the other posts and milk allergies are pretty rare and are usually accompanied by digestive symptoms. Also, I believe I read that pacifiers may actually help decrease the liklihood of ear infections. Good question for the ENT. Glad to hear your child uses his pacifier on a limited basis. We did the same thing with the first one. Not so easy with the second one, but nothing was! Good luck. Just do it!

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