What Is the Density of Rubber?

The density of rubber is dependent upon the kind of rubber; hard rubber has a density of 74 lb/foot cubed, while soft commercial rubber has a density of 69 lb/foot cubed and pure gum rubber has a density of 57-58 lb/foot cubed. The term "rubber" has had many meanings over the years, including as a reference to a horse towel in 1598 and a polished brick in 1744 before it came to mean the elastic substance used today. Rubber became a popular part of fashion when Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington, was able to pioneer a new version of the popular cavalry-style boot (called a Hessian boot for its popularity among German officers in the Hesse region) by bringing it upward to protect the knee. The rubber Wellington boot was made when Hiram Hutchinson stole the idea for his rubber boot factory in France. It was an immediate hit for its practical purposes that is still sold today. Rubber is most often made from natural rubber, which comes from the latex emulsion collected on the rubber tree or Hevea Brasiliensis tree. The tree grows in large plantations in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. The United States has to import most of its rubber as these trees only grow in tropical climates.

What Is the Density of Rubber? 1

1. why aren't tires solid rubber?

pneumatic tyres give a more comfortable ride

2. what is kneaded rubber?.........?

my art teacher says it's the best eraser in the world! haha.. not sure if thats true but its the best eraser I ever used :-p I like it because it reminds me of clay, you can twist and mold it into what ever shape you want it to be.

What Is the Density of Rubber? 2

3. Are rubber bits bad for horses?

I do not think you will be teaching her bad habits by using a straight snaffle. All bits are designed for different purposes and one that works for one horse may not work for another. The only problem I can see with this is that she may not be as responsive with other bits but I can not see that would ever be an issue. You are the one working her and using the bit and if you feel like its working then I would say continue using it :)

4. Rubber band or sting for catapult?

The rubber bands would probably provide more snap, and preloaded force, which would probably give you a better initial velocity, i.e. might shoot farther. 6 meters is not that far, so it should be doable using rubber bands. The string might work but only if you have a very stretchy, strong string.

5. what is PU,PVC,EVA,RUBBER and TPR marerial and what will be defination of them and how can be made them ?

pu is poly urethane... pvc is poly vinel choloride.... rubber is rubber tpr is thermal poly something..cant remember... for the best answer that your looking for call this guy i know in the plastics bussiness. He molds plastic and knows all about them. Bill Hall action mold and tool 1715-978-0333 dont tell him i called...mention that you heard he was on the school board...he likes to help those working on higher education. also, dont tell him i told you to call...please...thanks.

6. Question about lightning and rubber?

i remember learning in 2nd grade that if a wire that still had running electricity landed on a car with tires it wouldnt shock you if you were in the car lightning counts for the same in terms so no it wouldnt kill him

7. difference in auto tire valve stems?

rubber is safest it can absorb shocks , if a chrome or steel stem gets hit by a stone it will break off

8. How much bedding you you usually put in your stall?

Where I work, it depends on the season how deep you bed the stall. The horses have free run of two stalls, which back directly to their pasture. They tend to sleep out more often during the summer, so I only bed around 2 inches of shavings, because they only come in to do their business and eat dinner, unless it's raining, then they prefer to be inside. During the winter, I bed them about four inches (5 bags of shavings to fill empty stall) and have high banks, because they are more likely to get cast when they are sleeping inside. As for the rubber mats, if they cover the whole floor and are super-snug, I leave them. However, if they are peeling up at the edges,I try to pull them up (this usually only happens with stalls that do not have a concrete foundation). I do not hose down the concrete floors. In the stalls where I work, the rubber matting is fitted to the stall and nailed in place with special nails for rubber. If you are talking about concrete floors not in the stalls, I usually just sweep those every time I am out at the barn. But if a horse poops on the concrete or if you track certain types of mud in, you are going to have to hose down the concrete, just because it grinds itself into the concrete. EDIT: The horses usually will push the shavings up against the rim for you; I would not bed that deep, and the only way the shavings would be that high is from the banking.

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