What Is a Good Heat Protectants for Hair?

Aussie heat protectant leave in conditioner GREAT prices Great product you can find it from most drug stores

What Is a Good Heat Protectants for Hair? 1

1. Is it important to use conditioner?

Yes. Conditioner brings moisture back into your hair. I've heard of some people mixing an egg, mayo, and olive oil and used for conditioner. Google that, there should be other items at home we use daily to substitute.

2. Could my daughter have lice?

first off it is very hard to find the lice if you are not sure what to look for. webmd.com has some great pics to help you with this. Now if they do have it go to this site fairytaleshaircare.com they make a all natural hair product line that treats lice. The Mouse is the best. and it works so much better then the stuff u get at the drug store. this stuff will make the sticky lice come off the hair without u having to pinch and pull them off. the shampoo and conditioner works well to and can be a leave in conditioner. they also have a Leave in conditioning spray that repels lice. also if they have lice you want to go to a pet store and get a fine metal comb. they work the best. I know that it may sound crazy, but they really are better for removing the lice. you will also have to was all the bedding and stuffed animals as well as any clothes they have worn. you need to vac the beds and rugs and any carpet in cars. (but that's just if they do end up with it). i hope this helps you some good luck.

What Is a Good Heat Protectants for Hair? 2

3. Seniors, could you use and share some hints?

Those little tubes of conditioner that come with your hair coloring, I never use them for my hair, make good hands and face cream. Vinegar will kill athlete's foot better than the stuff you buy. It is also very effective for ear infections and dandruff.

4. My hair!! its all falling down ! :( really need help about Hair fall.Any tips ?

try switching to a new shampoo and conditioner (i used pantene pro-v) and if you are still having problems, you might want to see your pediatrician

5. how to make my hair more controllable?

Get a CHI straightener... they are expensive but worth it! :) I have read good reviews about a hair straighter by Hot Tools.. but i've never used it. It is supposed to be super cheap too. If you do not want to straighten your hair every morning, use a shampoo that enhances your curly hair. Salon brands are more expensive for a reason. They are better no matter what advertising tells you. While your hair is wet use a leave in conditioner. Joico makes a good one. After that let your hair air dry for a bit. When your hair is semi dry, get some styling gel, and run it thru your hair. Do not use mouse as that will add to the puffyness. There are some curl enhancing gels which could help. Basically you will be achieving the beachy wet hair look. Its simple and fast... it wont damage your hair because you are not using hot styling tools on it. I would suggest getting a good clarifying shampoo to use once or twice a week to get rid of the gunk the products will leave in your hair. Do not use the clarifying shampoo more than twice a week... once is usually enough. They are harsh if used everyday. Hope I helped!

6. MY HAIR NEED YOUR HELP! (repost)?

Um After you get it wet go to a bath room and style it with mouse, gel or put leave in conditioner in it. Thats all I can think of with your hair being short

7. How can I look cute?

k-mart has cute stuff.long curls are inn.i have gold hair with blond and barely noticeable pink streaks(do not think i am a freak : o ( )aqua colored nail polish fructis shampoo and conditioner,wear a t-shirt with a tank top over top of it.striped is good.plaid shorts are inn too. hope i helped

8. How to fix my oily skin and hair?

Use toner on your face - toner facilitates forestall oily pores and skin and facilitates against ance/pimples. For the hair, attempt to apply a solid shampoo and much less conditioner. additionally, try including some toddler powder whilst your hair is definitely greasy.

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