What Are Same Good Books to Read?

The Torah (Old Testament in the Bible)

It's very mythological, so it's similar to reading about the Gods of Olympus.

The Torah consists of: rape, pillaging, sacrifice, natural disasters, inbreeding, prostitution, genocide, war, monarchical debacles, cults, rituals, damnation, sodomy, and sexuality.

It's a good read.

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Copy Conditional Formatting 3-Color Scheme to another tab

No, it doesn't seem this is possible with VBA. But, here's a ridiculous work-around.Copy your cells from tab1 and paste them into microsoft wordThen copy that from word back to excel. Delete the values. Now you can format paint them to the other tab.

Now, format paint.


How would you eloquently say doing something for the umpteenth/nth/n-tieth time?

You could consider using "over and over (again)" if you want to emphasize the repetition of the action for unspecific times. Over and over means: Again and again: 'doing the same thing over and over again'Your example: She was reloading the gun over and over.Oxford Online Dictionary


Prove $e^x, e^2x, e^nx$ is linear independent on the vector space of $mathbbR to mathbbR$

Since the $gamma_i$ (using your notation) can be negative, it does not suffice to state that $e^x > 0 ; forall xinmathbbR$.You can either use the matrix/determinant method, or, I believe, you can look at the power series of $e^x$ to do so


Running cutycapt from PHP on my Ubunty Server

Check the error logs of Apache. When this shows: "cannot connect to x server" you'll need an X server running. This can be installed like this (install a light weight version of a GUI server):then change the php system command to run cutycapt in this X server:


Examples of common false beliefs in mathematics

I do not think anybody mentioned this example:If $M$ is a $C^k$-smooth manifold then the tangent space $T_pM$ is isomorphic to the space of derivations of germs (at $p$) of $C^k$-smooth functions on $M$. This holds for $kinfty$ but not otherwise


Blank Screen After Login on Windows 7

We have a Windows 7 Thinkpad X200 tablet that does this all the time too. We updated the Lenovo power manager and a few other drivers and tweaked the power settings a bit. We did have a Corsair SSD in it. Does your system match any of these variables?.


Relation of $Q^2$ with the distance of interaction

In a sense it is based on the heisenberg uncertainty principle, HUPIn every interaction the four momentum transfer is made up of the three momentum transfer and the energy transfer. Looking at large p of the Q^2 transfer within the limits of the HUP the x gets smaller


Easy way to temporarily disable Check Engine light?

Clear the codes with a scan tool. The light will stay out until/unless the code resets.Remove the bulb or LED that illuminates it. It's illegal to tamper with the OBDII system, including the MIL on the car and doing so to facilitate sale probably constitutes fraud.


some good books for me?

Riding in cars with boys by Beverly D'onofrio. Its about a rebellious teenager who falls pregnant and has the baby (true story) and goes through a lot of struggles. It was made into a movie with Drew Barrymore, but as always the book is so much better.


Why does my DSL router show wireless activity when all my devices are turned off?

A monitor mode packet trace would likely be required to know for sure. It could be a mixture of beacons (10 per second), probe responses to probe requests (scans) from other devices nearby (possibly a neighbor's devices), and multicast service advertisements, such as IPv6 router advertisements, mDNS, and UPnP


Seeking recommendations for driverless GPS loggers? closed

Heres a product you might be interested in: http://www.solmeta.com/Product/show/id/14 It stores gps nmea format and also has a gyro sensor so you get kind of imu functinality. The only complaint i have is the frequency of data storing which is 1/second max.


VirtualBox not allowing a USB Device to be added duplicate

You need to install virtualbox guestadditions in virtualbox. You can download the ISO from here (select appropriate version of virtualbox, and download the guest additions ISO).Install the guest additions in virtualbox VM.

Then refer this question, to add yourself to vboxusers group.This should solve the problem


What do you call an individual who tolerates criticism?

Perhaps the word that you are looking for is Amenablehttp://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/amenable?searchDictCodeallOr, if you want to show the person in a positive light, you mean he (or she) is an Accepting person or individual.http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/accepting


How can anyone use a microcontroller which has only 384 bytes of program memory?

One thing that I haven't seen mentioned: The microcontroller you mentioned is only $0.34 each in quantities of 100. So for cheap, mass-produced products, it can make sense to go to the extra coding trouble imposed by such a limited unit. The same might apply to size or power consumption.


Does skipping an ability check for a hazard needed to advance the dungeon remove player agency?

As a player, what I hate is when I think I have agency, but I don't. If you're obvious that there's no agency at a certain point ("cut scene") then it's usually ok.If the failure doesn't mean anything, then it's false agency. Just use a cut scene.


What new series of books or stand alone book should I read?

If you want lighthearted sci fi, try Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Other options include Redshirts or The Android's Dream by John Scalzi. And since you mention American Gods, definitely read Gaiman's Neverwhere or Good Omens, which he co-wrote with Terry Pratchett. It's hilarious.


Can I use an HDRI for reflections only, and not have its light affect the scene?

Or you can use the Is Glossy Ray input from the Light Path node.

With this setup, your World color stays the same, but reflection rays show your HDRI.Color 1 is your world background, Color 2 is your HDRI.Using Using Light Path input

Using solid grey World color


What are good books a Teenager should read?

This may sound boring, but I would recommend a book like "Band of Brothers" or "Night" by Elie Wiesel. Most young people have no idea what WW2 was about or the Holocaust. These two books will give you a better appreciation for our veterans.


Thunderbird/Enigmail: problem with colors

You are almost there. Just insert the code into your userChrome.css (not userContent.css) and also don't forget to add the dot at the beginning, as referenced in the link you provided.Thus, this should be in your userChrome.css.That works for me on my machine


Can watching too much tv or Reading books cause short sightedness.?

it fairly is a not easy question. i like analyzing books, song is an element of my on an huge-unfold basis existence, television not plenty. So between analyzing a e book and listening to song, i'm going to choose for...... analyzing a e book! How approximately you?.


Shapes for an infinite animal?

Since no one came up with that: give your creature a simple torus shape, like a donut. This body has no end, as required.You can select out specific positions for having a head or tail that extends from that torus, but basically it will have no "end"


UPDATED (APRIL 14): Design for Academia.se

I have a thought regarding the up/down indicator. Since we spend most of our time grading, why not have a check mark for up, and an X for down. For an accepted answer (which used to have a check mark), we could instead use a gold star.


Can someone recommend a book for a picky reader?

hey contact

try darren shans cirque du freak series, the are great and will change any opinions that you probably have about said vampire novels. the writing is good, and the characters are deep, the plot is unique.



Is antumbra part of shadow darker than penumbra part of shadow?

In the penumbral area, part of the disc of the moon obscures a section of the sun. In the antumbral area, the entire disc of the moon obscures a, logically, larger section of the sun. Therefore the antumbra cannot be brighter than the penumbra during the same event.


Grub menu (while booting) shows its GRUB2 though the version is 0.97

Both grub & grub2 use the same grub install command, but it depends on which package you have installed. If you uninstalled grub-pc which is grub2 and installed grub you then have the old grub legacy.From your chroot.uninstall both grub legacy & grub2 reinstall grub2 and to sda.


How to make the pdf output of better print quality?

You need to add usepackagemathptmx to use Times fonts. Here is the table that shows the default fonts in the LaTex installation. This video also shows you how to change the fonts to avoid the light print quality issue. https://www.




Can light waves cause beats?

A laser gyroscope detects 'beats' of light.In a laser gyro, laser light goes in two directions 'round a ring, clockwise and counterclockwise. If the gyro is rotating, one laser direction will be at a slightly different frequency than the other, and their interference will create a 'beat'.


How do I restore the original color scheme, icons, and theme?

What you can do is reinstall MyUnity and open up the themes menu. There is a button to reset it to the defaults, but you can manually set the theme to "Ambiance" and the icon theme to "Ubuntu-Mono-Dark" and that should bring you back to the default 12.04 set-up


I am running out of books.?

Here is a link to my Goodread's profile under Want to Read. You can also go to the Read or Currently Reading tabs to get more ideas. There's over 100 books in total. Hope it give you some ideas.



Can you make pie crust from cookie dough?

Spray pie plate, slice cookie dough about 1/2 inch, place on bottom and around sides just till toudhing, let soften, then press all together. Can anyone tell at what temperature to bake and for how long? All I remember is don't bake for too long till dough is crunchy


The word raised in Romans 9:17-18 and Exodus 9:16?

Read Romans 9 in the light of Romans 2:4-11. Mercy is intended to lead to repentance, but in the case of Pharaoh, mercy hardened his heart. Exodus 8:15 When Pharaoh saw there was relief, however, he hardened his heart.

..When God relented and showed mercy, Pharaoh hardened his own heart


How do I completely disable automatic keyboard backlighting on Macbook Pro with OSX Lion?

I had this exact problem you described on my MacBook Pro with macOS Sierra. What I did to solve it was:I'm not sure if all these steps are necessary since I cannot replicate the initial problem anymore, but I found the reboot to be necessary. Good luck


Recommended reading to better understand Unix/Linux internals closed

To get a sense of the why and what the kernel is meant to support, have a look at The Art of Unix Programming by Eric Raymond. It takes things at a fairly high, philosophical level, but it would go well with the nitty-gritty details of other books


Could space probe Voyager 1 or 2 reach Alpha Centauri?

It doesn't look like they are going in the right direction at the moment, though it would take a little more work to see how the stars are moving and their gravitational perturbation on the the spacecrafts will behave.All coordinates in degrees, from this question and Wikipedia


Magento 2 - Admin 'Content' grids not showing (Fresh Magento Installation on MAC OS)

The missing content is loaded in ajax, check your network tab and search for a request like mui/indexer/render.You should find this type of request :

/mui/index/render/?namespaceproduct_listing&Do you have any JS error in your browser console ?


Why would a member of the lower class approve of his oppressors?

Probably hope.

Make them think that they could get into the upper class; take your inspiration from today's world ! Accordingly, tell them that your current upper class of course deserves it all and that you can also make it if you just worked as hard as they did.


How can I sharpen the light fall off for a rotating earth animation with 2 materials?

In the tutorial, the "earth" has a lighter falloff. I think what might be allowable is to add a couple more lights in the scene, one a low-brightness hemisphere, and one a sort of blueish light. This, if applied right, could produce a similar result in an animation.


which is better: read the book, or the summary and analysis?

For me, it would mostly depend on the book. However, in most cases, I fund myself pleasantly surprised when I actually read the book. I recommend giving it shot and if you just can't get yourself to focus or take interest, then go for the short version.


instruments you can make at home

With some experimentation you could construct a set of plastic tubes like boomwhackers. These are great fun to play. Or you could just buy some - they're not that expensive. It depends whether it's the making of the instruments or the playing of them that you're focusing on.


Listing rideshare as a job

Not sure where you are based, but I don't see why you coudn't put that you worked for these companies. Is there something that i'm missing here? Clearly these jobs won't speak to your teaching abilities but will speak to your commitment and determination. Hope this helps. T

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