The Best New Gadgets Announced so far at CES

The world's largest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas showcases all the latest tech innovations and productsThe future is now: Major announcements at this year's CES convention, including LG's roll-up television.Source:APEvery year, visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas are treated to a few jaw-dropping gadgets. This year is no different, with developers unveiling a toothbrush prototype that takes just ten seconds to use, as well as a television that can roll up from a cabinet in your living room.Here are some of the incredible gadgets announced so far at the CES convention.1. A TV THAT ROLLS UP FROM A CABINETLG announced the Signature Series OLED TV R, which rolls up from a cabinet.It will debut in the market this year.The idea is to keep your living room tidy and clean when you are not watching television. Initially, it will only be available in a 65-inch size and no pricing has been announced yet.The LG Signature OLED TV R, partially rolled up from inside a cabinet. Picture: John LocherSource:AP2. A LAMP THAT SUITS YOUR MOOD AND RESPONDS TO ALEXAWhat if a lamp could suit your mood? That's the idea behind the Auri.It's an amazing speaker, controlled by your voice through Amazon Alexa, and it doubles as a lamp.The colours and sounds can soothe you to sleep or help you stay awake.The Auri device reflects your mood, working as a speaker and a lamp. Picture: AuriSource:Supplied3. A CAR WITH VIRTUAL REALITY ENTERTAINMENT IN THE BACK SEATAudi unveiled a prototype technology that can play movies and virtual reality games in the back seat of the car.The VR game "Marvel's Avengers: Rocket's Rescue Run" effectively puts you in outer space.Audi's new virtual reality game is guaranteed to keep the kids occupied on a long road trip. Picture: AudiSource:Supplied4. AN OVEN THAT SHOWS YOU HOW TO COOKWhirlpool has announced an incredible new space-age oven.The Connected Hub Wall Oven Concept uses augmented reality to teach you how to cook.Step-by-step recipes appear on the oven door screen that you can follow.Families can also share their schedules to connect with each other about who will be home for dinner.Get step-by-step recipes with Whirpool's incredible connected hub oven. Picture: WhirlpoolSource:Supplied5. A TOOTHBRUSH THAT CLEANS YOUR TEETH IN 10 SECONDSThe innovative Y-Brush will speed up your morning routine.It's a toothbrush that uses sonic vibrations and angled nylon bristles to clean your teeth with amazing precision.Intriguingly, the device looks like a mouth guard and advertises that it takes just 10 seconds to complete a thorough clean.Y-Brush operates like an electric toothbrush but claims to clean your teeth in 10 seconds.Source:The Australian6. A LAPTOP THAT FINALLY FIXES THE WEBCAM PROBLEMASUS has designed the world's slimmest laptop in the ZenBook S13.It's got a 13.9-inch screen and boasts an incredible majorly thin bezels and the largest screen-to-body ratio ever built.The ASUS ZenBook S13 is the world's slimmest laptop. Picture: ASUSSource:Supplied7. A TV THAT TAKES UP AN ENTIRE WALL This may sound bulky and cumbersome, but Samsung have outdone themselves in design with their latest television model, dubbed 'The Wall'.The massive 219-inch model takes up an entire wall space but folds seamlessly into the wall with the help of an intricate bracket system.It's totally sleek design is reminiscent of sci-fi movies like "Total Recall."Samsung's giant 219-inch modular TV, The Wall. Picture: ASUSSource:SuppliedThis story originally appeared on Fox News and has been republished here with permission.

The Best New Gadgets Announced so far at CES 1

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