Thawing Frozen Water Pipes?? What Else Can We Do?

Assuming your mobil home has a skirt around the bottom, cover all holes and vents as much as possible to keep the wind out. Place a drop light under the house on the wind side. Two is even better with 150 to 200 watt bulbs. This should thaw the pipes out. When it's going to get below freezing, plug the light(s) in

Thawing Frozen Water Pipes?? What Else Can We Do? 1

1. How to Clean an Air Conditioner Vent |

How to Clean an Air Conditioner Vent The vents in your AC unit help to keep the machine running. Yet your air conditioner vent can attract a great deal of debris; from hairs to skin particles to insects. Keeping these vents free of blockages is vital to providing good quality air in your home, and the AC unit needs to be free of dust, pet hairs, and other objects which can trigger allergies and asthma attacks. If you want to get your air conditioner vent or vents completely clean, you just have to follow a few simple rules. The first thing you should do is dust the outside of your vents carefully with either a duster, or by running your vacuum over all of the slots. If you use a duster, you will probably need to clean the floor when you have finished. Next, unscrew the cover of your vent, and remove any large particles of dust and debris which are visible. Use your vacuum to clean up any dust or debris, and you can then replace the air filter on your vent. Clean the other side of your vent, and then screw back in to place carefully. Your vents should now be as clean as you can get them.

2. Why are loop (Chicago) vents typically built with three elbows?

There is no reason you need the three sections vs one 180 degree return piece other than you have copied in one of the oldest and most used plumbing pictures on the internet. I do my own plumbing and hire out plumbing for some jobs. I would only expect to see the 3-piece 180 turn (which is really 5 pieces) done by a hack - seriously. A good plumber does things in an efficient manner and knows the more pieces added the more chance for error - imagine an electrician putting 4 junction boxes on a circuit (by code) when he could have used 1 or none. Same thing here.Why was this done? Probably because 20-25 years ago it was hard to find specialty pieces like a wide 180 return or a taller one. I am guessing that using the standard 45-90-45 available at most stores - that this gave you the correct minimum dimensions.Now you can get these 180s in a variety of sizes - even big box carries 2-3 sizes by default at the stores. At plumbing wholesalers you can get these in 15-20 sizes so you can now in fact mimic this tall/wide 180 return with one piece. Do I agree with the need for a size this large? No. I have also never had an inspector say one word about using a basic 180 return for a vent (these are the same size as your basic "trap"). You can get the same basic premise and functionality by extending the straight PVC out of the top of your sanitary tee by a couple more inches. Also the smaller 180 is more practical as these are huge plumbing pieces and we do not have unlimited room to do whatever.The return bend used under the drainboard shall be a one piece fitting or an assembly of a 45 degree (0.79 rad), a 90 degree (1.57 rad), and a 45 degree (0.79 rad) elbow in the order named. Pipe sizing shall be as elsewhere required in this code.

Thawing Frozen Water Pipes?? What Else Can We Do? 2

3. A/C works but doesn't blow out front dash vents

A late reply, but was the issue solved?Have you checked the AC filter? It tends to get choked over time, especially given that it pulls all the air from the front/engine compartment. You will see a lot of cooling but no air. Or it could be the 2 vents are blocked due to some debris clogging the passage to these 2 vents. It is usually located behind the glove compartment/under the dash. Take it out and give it a good dusting. Should clear out nicely

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