SHould I Become More of a Girly Girl???

if you want to go for it! But Don't let your friends talk you into something that your not! You seem like a cool chick, i skate myself. I wouldn't consider myself girly or a tom boy, i'm just me

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first 10 people get an outfit made for thm.:?


age- 14

height- 5,5

skin tone- tan

eye color- green

hair color-brown

favorite colors-pink purple blue green

least favorite colors-none

favorite stores-aero,A&E,hollister,A&F,pacsun

least favorite stores-???? none?

skirts- yes or no.?yes

skinny jeans- yes or no.?yes

what you usually wear- anything cute and comfertable

and extra information- idks


I cant remember the title of this movie that i watched about 7 years ago?

i remember this movie i think it is PUPSit was a great movie they were like young kids that rob the bank and the people in the bank kinda become their friends one guy in the bank looks like a criminal and he helps them out and tells them what to do

SHould I Become More of a Girly Girl??? 1


Is this a cute outfit for school?!?! picz

when i read ur Q i thought the pic was going to be hippie lokking but u looked hip hop but sporty looking.its a great outfit I mean yeh wow.the shoes give it a hip hop feel and the trouses are just kwl and the top gives it style!! NICE! x


what are the fashionista fashiony fashion trends for summer?

well..based on the Spring/Summer runway collections.. i would say:

brigh bright accesories: yellow, white, etc.

pleather (patent and leather)

cobalt blue is BIG this season

nautical trends (pin stripes, polos, flowy skirts, cardigans)

straw hats

shorts, shorts, and more shorts!

babydoll dresses

trapeze dresses


bold bold prints


Is it weird for couples to match when going out?

i say it depends on the shirt. it its a low key gender neutral design (not much in the way of bright colors) and it looks good on both of you (individually) its not weird, but if its like bright yellow polo shirts with green stripes or something, ya, it kinda would be weird.

((i think))


I think im an amazing dancer? Do you think i am?

i would just suggest going to a different dance studio.

i went to a "candy-apple" dance studio and the dances looked similar to this.

there was no technique learned whatsoever and it was just swinging the hips side to side.

i would suggest a ballet based conservatory type school to learn good technique and go from there(:

SHould I Become More of a Girly Girl??? 2


What willl be in style for fall in 07-08 school year?

the girl above me is right. also wear baby doll tops their coming back. look if you want to know what is in just go to thats where i shop... even if you dont want to buy things from there it will show you exactly what will be in.


How do I tie dye shirts like this?

Yellow first, then blue. Where they over lay, it will be green.

This one is easy to use (found mine at Hobby Lobby) - Just spray, air dry then toss in the dryer to heat set or use an iron.


Im getting married at the end of the summer would this be a cool idea?

Absolutely that's informal! You might be able to tone it down by just having them in blazers rather than a full tux, but the tuxedo shirts are just plain tacky. In my opinion, it would make your wedding look like trailer trash - and you're obviously not


How could I wear this sweater?

if you want to look a little dressy you can go for the button up, you don't really need the tie unless you want to. for a more casual look go for the tshirt. the sweater's pretty easy to wear with anything.


What can i wear with zebra print pants?

I don't know ... but just make sure you DON'T use another pattern.

Because when people use more than 1 pattern in their outfit, it clashes and looks horrible.

The person above me is right!

put on a plain pink tshirt. A gray or yellow colord hoodie, and then some black flats.


What do you think about wearing a tie...?

uhm, you shouldnt pair dressy top with a sporty bottom, if you did just a dress top, unbuttoned a bit at the top with cargo shorts i guess that would be fine, ties are more dressy going out type thing lol

good luck though:)


Good Brewers Saying for shirts?

How about "You don't have to be drunk or stupid to be a Brewers fan, but it helps."?

Or how about "How does a Brewers fan know which way to put on his underwear? He puts the yellow in front and the Braun in back."


how do people dress in canada?

people in canada dress according to weather

if its hot, they wear shorts and a tshirt or a tank top

if its cold, a sweater, sweatpants or jeans

people in canada wear whatever they feel, bright colours are in, like yellow, but im sure anything will do!


i sweat a lot even when im not doing anything.?

its normal,heat flashes...means you may be dehydrated,understand your body is still growing and everyone sweats because everyone has pores,ur not the only one you may think you are but your not,calm down and breath its going to be ok everyone sweats and YES even if you aint doing nothing


How do i get these T Shirts made ?

go to the yellow pages website and search for printing businesses in your area. You won't have to pay s&h and they have better quality control, they check every detail with you and most of the time will make one tshirt and then have you preview it so you can make sure you get EXACTLY what you want


Why is my deoderant making me smell WORSE?

Use one deodorant and make sure the strength is below 17% in achohol? i think

Also gel doesnt work that good. Try spray kind or dry they work better

Once it starts to smell worse then its time to buy a new deodorant

Shave your armpits because hair holds onto sweat and scent longer than skin does


Hows this sound for an outfit to wear to an interview ?

I would go for the second. It's smart and appropiate without being too "look at me!" I think that the third outfit would be overdressed, and a striped shirt is to casual. But I'd go with the one that you feel most comfortable and confident in.

Hope i helped!


What would be a slogan that you'd put on a T-shirt?

oops sorry!... I sorta thought you were a guy... yeah that's embarrasing... don't get offended! ><

to be fair, Avatars aren't the most detailed! And in real life, we'd be able to check other places out besides the face ;oP

and my tshirt slogan would be: my dog is yellow. (front), 'cause I dig my yellow dog.


what should i wear my skirt with?

Gray and black stripped skirt? It would look very cute with a blue tank top! Mixing color in is a good idea! It won't look weird at all! And your gray toms sound really cute with it! As long as you feel confident in it, people will know that you look good!


first day of freshman outfit?

I know everyone has their own individual style, but those pants really did it for me. Try going out of your comfort zone a little bit and experiment with different styles. But i dont really think the outfit goes together that well. sorry/:.


Which outfit should I wear on the first day of school!?

I love all the clothing....

but I like outfit #2 better.... but I think I like the converse shoes better than the 2nd pair of shoes.

(btw I love the 2nd shirt a lot!)

hope this helps and good luck on ur first day of school!


Make me some outfits for back to school please??I'll be in 8th grade.?

Here are some i think you'll like. just hold on a sec


Any similar shops to Hot Topic?

To not buy clothes online for alternative clothing is difficult, especially if you want graphics. I suggest Trash and Vaudeville and Yellow Rat Bastard. There aren't that many stores, so let's hope you live remotely close to either one of them. I hope this helps(: ! xox.


What kind of shirt to wear with this skirt?

Well somethin like dis or this if u want to go more dressier try dis hope tht helps :)


make me a cute outfit from delias?


how do you get blood stains out of white clothes?

Hydrogen peroxide gets blood out - bleach can make the shirt yellow so I would be wary of that. Is the blood fresh? This is best. After it is dried you may need to soak it but avoid hot water as that can set the stain


guys i seriously need your help. serious answerers' please : ) 10 points given for sure.?

I counted around 700 in my head, and iwas thinking of the cheap stuff!

If everything bought is really good quality then you'll be looking around 1000

But then again, it depends where you shop, and what country you're from..

Good luck with the shopping spree :)


What Can I Wear With These...?

pink and purplee.........wear white tops with both like soo......

purple pink


Which is the easiest way to organize your clothes?

I Think The Easiest Way Is To Organize Your Closet First By Style; Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Shorts, Etc. Than By Color; Red Short Sleeve, Pink Short Sleeve, Etc.

It Makes It Faster And Easier To Find The Outfit You Want To Wear!


SPIRIT WEEK AT MY SCHOOL TOMORROW! what should use to dress like batgirrl, i have the capee...?

if you want it to be school appropriate, i would wear tight black pants. if you don't care about appropriateness, wear a tight black skirt. for tops, i would wear a black tank or a tight black tshirt, and find a thick yellow or gold belt to wear right above your hips. also i would get elbow high black gloves


Is this color too femenine for a guy?

actually purple is that color that works both ways! :) so no it wouldn't be considered too feminine for a guy or too manly for a girl. purple is like a smexy color!

haha you said your favorite combo is purple and yellow! that is the colors to my old middle school. thats kinda cool! :) btw nice combo ;)


fashion crisis i need american clothing help?

im not sure what your talking about but if your looking for a plain t shirt try kohls or delias.

kohls: delias: (sorry i couldnt find an exact link)


Do you like this outfit? *polyvore* :)?

i mean, i wouldnt wear it its not my style... but its kinda cute. Idk though if i saw a girl at a party wearing that id probably be like "omg what the HE LL is she wearing??"

i think its just too much bright. Why dont you wear a black tshirt instead?


Could I wear these to school tomorrow?

Nah, I think they're cute. People wear colored sweats all the time at my school, at least as far as I've noticed. Besides, all they have to be is comfortable--they don't need to be super trendy (I mean really, they're sweatpants)


what would you wear with this?!?!?!?

yah i would totally go with your idea. maybe even purple skinny jeans with a yellow tank top. that's such a cute hat. just stay away from any patterns or designs because it will look really weird and bad. you should really get that outfit. HTH! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


What do you think about the clothes im getting/opinion?

why don't you get actual

girl/junior shirts that fit,

instead of wasting money on

a shirt that doesn't even fit?

there are shirts like those for

girls at delias,forever21,hot topic.


and get the glasses in green.


I'll make a polyvore for you :?

I have my mums 40th coming up, we're going out to dinner, then a show then out to the casino. It's a family thing, so nothing to out there.

RED heels (sexy) I wouldn't mind a dress (any appropriate length) or dress pants but no skirts, give me anything PLEASE Im stumped for idea.


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