Please Help with Air Conditioner Problem!!!(please Read!!??)?

This is usually caused by one of two or low freon or it needs to be cleaned out. If you can take it out yourself (generally easier than you think) take it outside. Get as much of the casing off as you can. 1. Spray the entire thing down with Mean Green. (do not worry about getting any of it on wires or anything else) 2. If you have access to hot water then hose it down until the water runs clear coming off of it. Pay particular attention to the coils. If you still see dirt then repeat. It would not hurt to do it at least twice anyway. If this does not work then notify your landlord and have him service it.

Please Help with Air Conditioner Problem!!!(please Read!!??)? 1

1. Do air conditioner "curtains" add height to it?

No. the 11-1/8 dimension is that of the unit itself. The adjustable "curtains" are to fill in the gaps that will be around the AC while it is sitting propped up in your window

2. Air conditioner trips breaker?

As a mechanic, I aplogize for this bozo. It sounds like there is a major short to ground somewhere if it trips immediately. If it's a delayed trip, It could still be a short somwhere, like a fan motor wire intermittently touching against metal, or Compressor wiring with a bad connection at the compressor. Could really be several things. All electrical connections need to be gone through, period. Lugs at the breaker need to be checked for tightness. Lugs in the disconnect panel(the one next to the outdoor unit). Once all connections are ok. The wiring needs to be checked for shorts. Many times insulation will get cut or rub away against the metal in the unit. A partially broken wire can cause over amperage to occur as well. Hard to help you out over a computer, I do not want you to stick your fingers in anything and get hurt but I would suggest getting a real mechanic out there for the safety of your home and equipment.

Please Help with Air Conditioner Problem!!!(please Read!!??)? 2

3. Can an air conditioner have dangerous emmissions?

Yes - Freon Gas

4. Can a human catch a cold because of an air conditioner?

Cold/ Flue does not come due to change in temperature. Two things should be considered for flue, 1. Closed environment: It is because, if a person has flue, it can easily be spread to another in closed environment compared to outside. In AC rooms generally it is closed. n2. studies have revealed that, virus can stay longer duration in lesser humid climates. In AC rooms, as temperature is less, air can hold less amount of water vapor which results in larger life span of virus.Can a human catch a cold because of an air conditioner?.

5. my air conditioner is covered in ice !?

you have to clean the air filter. ice build up is caused by clogged filter. it has to be maintained twice a month

6. My Window air conditioner is spitting water.?

I do not think it's as simple as the asker not having it tilted back far enough. I also have a Haier window unit (5300btu), and even with a pretty good tilt water pools under the fan on the inside section of the a/c. On a particular humid day it will throw a light spray of water out the inside air outflow vent and into the room, basically acting like a humidifier. Plus makes a ton of noise since the fan is hitting all that water. If I disconnect it from the window and _really_ tilt it, like the front 4-5 inches higher than the back, then a ton of water runs out the back. But at "normal" a/c tilt it never drains adequately. I think it's a design flaw and I would avoid buying another Haier.

7. Horsepower required to run an air conditioner

if you know the Kw of compressor then it is easy to convert Kw to 1Hp is equal to 746 if compressor is 1.2 Kw convert kw to watts so we have 1200 watts now as 746 watts=1Hp so 1200/746=1.6 hp.i hope it will help.remember the compressor wattage is given on the name plate.

8. How to Maintain an Air Conditioner

The coolant used in most air conditioning systems is a refrigerant called Freon. If the system does not contain the proper amount of Freon, little or no cooling will take place. If you suspect a Freon problem, call a professional service person to recharge the system. Caution: Do not try to charge your system's refrigerant lines. Here's how you can repair the system's coolant lines. Examine the lines running from the condenser outside the evaporator inside the house. If the insulation is damaged or worn, it will cut down on the cooling efficiency of the unit and, therefore, should be replaced. Replace damaged or worn coolant line insulation with new insulation of the same type as soon as possible. Follow manufacturer's instructions for installation. Many homes or apartments use window-unit air conditioners, so it's also important to know how to maintain or service these smaller units. Learn how to head off problems and keep these units running smoothly in the next section.

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