Music Video

Music video

Music  Video 1

The music video for the single was released on YouTube on March 13, 2013 at a total length of two minutes and forty-nine seconds. It was seen by over 700,000 people two weeks after its release.

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Help in Video editing effects for adobe premiere and other software..?

Hi there! There's an answer to all of your questions but I see no point to just answer them, because it would not help you much. These questions are of very basic - video editing stuff. I would advise you to start with very simple video editing software like Windows Movie Maker where everything is much easier to learn on your own. I guess you've never tried WMM because you categorized Adobe Premiere as a not-so-complicated software. Well, Adobe Premiere IS a complicated software and for beginners for sure. So! My advise to you is: Start to explore WMM!!! (you will find it on Windows XP and vista, I am not sure about the other Windows versions because I never looked for it there). About your second question, that's not an effect that you add to a video. It depends on which way the video was captured. If you capture your video as a wide-screen video and then you watch it on a square screen then you get those black bars. That is an important subject for it self which is called Aspect Ratio and which you will have to learn to understand, while learning video editing. Good Luck!!!

Music  Video 2

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Home video

The film was made available on original DVDs and VCDs distributed by Viva Video, Inc. and Star Home Video on April 2009.

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Use tex to generate a html page with an embedded video, possible?

Solution using tex4ht. Sample document:command myvideo is introduced, with three parameters, width, height and video file. media9 command includemedia is used to include the video. Now we need to make config file for tex4ht, named media.cfg , in which we will rewrite myvideo command to produce video html tags. element is used, as it is widely supported. Note that type parameter is hardcoded to video/mp4, you will need to change it if your videos are of different type. dimexpr is used to calculate dimensions.Now you can compile the document with:and produced html:.

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Technologicaly forging a video that never happened?

It's possible to do that. Except that, there are still ways of uncovering a fake. If you use one of the standard program to alter the video, then there will be a digital trail that someone who's good with computer images can follow. There are also little things that can be spotted. Like shadows that are wrong. A head turning wrong. It is possible to make a fake that would be nearly impossible to spot. But it would require a lot of expertise and a lot of work. And even then, someone who's really good at spotting fakes will see it.

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Can you make a still photo of a home video on your computer?

play the video. when you get to the frame you want, press Print Screen. that takes a shot of whatever is on the screen. and plus, its free. no expensive software. then you can open paint, select the image and save it. Have fun, Icarus

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What camera would you use for an MTV Cribs style video?

^That guy told you what they use, but there are really nice HD cameras out there. I have a canon eos 7D. That's about $1800 plus the price of lenses. It has amazing quality, and gives a cinematic look. The style of the video is really less the camera and more the exposure/ colour correction.

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Why won't my YouTube video shoot in HD!?

Depending on the angle and quality of the video sometimes it is impossible to upload HD and if your wifi is not strong enough

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How to edit a video to hear the audio only, but cover the video with a blank screen?

If you use WMM, drag the video to the AUDIO PORTION only, and you should only have the sound

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How to make live Light Painting video NOT PHOTO?

its both. its actually a photo (with very slow shutter speed setting) that's on top of the video. see when they do one line they do not go over it. and if they did it would show you that the light is on top of everything (like 0:12 sec and 0:16 sec of the video) just to give an example. you have to use a video camera and a regular camera at the same time, keep the video camera rolling and whenever you want the effect just snap a picture (camera on a tripod, very still) and then on your computer (not sure but try windows movie maker) to edit. i forgot the program we used in school looong time ago

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