A Letter From the Secretary Spatial Update #4

Back on the farm we had a 1970's-era air compressor that was probably the noisiest contraption west of the Ohio/Indiana line. You'd about jump out of your shoes every time someone flipped the switch. Through the racket you could see pressure building on the gauges.

Eventually you'd let it loose and out would come a powerful focused beam of air.Massive UX UpdateMentor madness reminded me a lot of that contraption. Through the racket, the pressure gauges began to build and we started connecting the wisdom of the crowds.

We took all the feedback and implemented it in a massive UX update as an expression of our learnings.We are pushing this live in 95 cities this week. New features include:Chronological manipulation (day/hour)Additional categories (40)Hex bin visualization (no more heat maps!)Here are the mentor/customer learnings that drove V2:Chronological: You could see the aha-moment on folk's faces when they saw the city as an evolving social organism.

Adding this dimension to our data brought a time and place awareness that was previously impossible.Spatial vs. Census data: We track the feelings and movement of people over an area. Interviewing real estate and urban planning folks a similar story has emerged: "We have totally exhausted our current data sets".

Travel is just the beginning: We built our first product to help travelers navigate like a local. Along the way we cracked the code for detecting real time and historical emotional patterns. Now it is just a matter of finding where our first foothold in the market is.

One metric that mattersLooking throughout our customer journey, we have identified one metric that matters. The thing that pushes the business forward at this stage is demo's. We have identified three customer types and will be testing our value proposition with each.

Customers with a consistent need of aggregate dataCustomers with a consistent need of real time dataCustomers seeking historical trendsA letter from the SecretaryMy last update captured the story of how I pitched the secretary of commerce off a 13' laptop. I had quite a few people email me interested in what happened after. Well at first, nothing. But just this week I got a letter in the mail from the secretary herself.

Feels great to be recognized, looking forward to taking action on her offering to be an ally to Spatial in the future. One for the refrigerator.A reason for existingAs a data company it is easy to see hundreds of possibilities for the use of your data. Especially coming out of mentor madness having 150 new opinions to synthesize.

I continue to keep in contact with Paul Heagan, our lead coach from OCEAN. He asked me Friday after mentor madness "What business are you in?".I had no answer to his question. At this point it is unclear what industry our product will shift.

What I do have is a clear answer on is why we exist:To breathe new life into cities.This is a paraphrase of Isaiah 58:12. Although written 3000 years ago, it is more relevant today more than ever. You can see it in the street art here in Detroit, I think the picture up top captures it the best.

It will be our guiding star as we begin to vet out the market seeking a clear path forward.We're focused on changing how humans experience maps. Spatial is building a future that empowers people to know cities like a local anywhere on earth.

To achieve this, we build interactive and dynamic social layers directly into maps through a human-driven, machine-assisted analysis.Interested in enriching your application with real-time local community understanding? Come schedule a demo and we can chat


What is an air compressor?

Air is among the hardest things to harness, but it surely is one of the strongest things. The wind is something that you can't see and you can't really touch, but it really is capable of amazing things when it is blowing hard enough. This is exactly what an air compressor really is. It can be a way for you to harness the air and work with it.

There are many different sorts of air compressors. Many of them are utilized in building and creating, and a variety of them are used in order to convert air to things that you can easily use, like breathable gas. Generally, they work in the same manner. The chamber is pressurized, this kind of pressure is what leads to the harnessing of the air. Because the way that the chambers inside of the machine work, and due to its very small nozzles, the air is forced out with great speed. Which means the air compressors can be hooked up to anything then the air can be utilized. The air compressors themselves simply gather the air into them after which press the air very tightly. The machines are able to do this through pressure. When the air has been held tightly, it may be released and can be very powerful.

As one of the best compact and portable air compressors, I recommend

The Porter-Cable C2002-WK

Porter-Cable C2002-WK Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor with 13-Piece Accessory Kit Overview:

150 psi max tank pressure stores more air in the tank for longer tool run times

2.6 SCFM at 90 psi allows for quick compressor recovery time, per ISO1217

Air coupler and plug are factory installed on the air hose to save user labor and to prevent leaks

6-gallon pancake-style tank for stability includes water drain valve and rubber feet

Low-amp 120-volt motor starts easily in cold weather or with an extension cord

Equipped with a durable oil-free pump for long life and no maintenance

Shroud, handle, and console cover protect vital components and make unit easier to carry

Source: Best Portable Air Compressors

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